for employee relocation

Technology-led tools that lower relocation costs, attract better talent, and boost employee engagement:

Higher employee satisfaction
Better recruitment
Nimble ROI

Offer what
each employee
needs, every time, with ease.

Give employees what they need for the lifestyle they’re living.

Point C is a software suite
of tools that provides greater choice, control, and care
for relocating employees.
Point C was designed to:

Improve the employee experience
with 60+ options to personalize
their relocation plan

Boost recruitment with incentives
that attract high-caliber talent and sharpen your competitive edge

Streamline internal processes
by giving employees ownership
of their journey

Lower costs and realize ROI quickly
by removing exceptions

Put your employees in the driver’s seat

Point C’s built-in tools help employees visualize and plan their move, putting them in greater control. Relocating staff can create their own unique mobility experience with more than
60 one-of-a-kind benefits, including:

  • traditional

    Household goods shipping, temporary living, settling-in services, compliance-related benefits

  • non-traditional

    Move-out cleaning, Uber credits, buying a mattress, food delivery on move-in day

  • hybrid

    Miscellaneous allowance that can be taken in increments

Ready to relocate, recruit, and retain with lower cost and a better employee experience?

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