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  • Why use Point C if our relocating employees are happy now?

    Employee sat comes down to asking the right questions, and knowing when to ask them: We find that many orgs survey their relocating employees before a move, but not afterwards. And in our advanced user testing, we’ve learned that employees often say they’re satisfied with their relocation arrangements — right up to the moment they hear what their colleagues received, or until they realize what they might have received. Point C fully solves for those very pain points.

  • Is Point C a global solution?

    Point C is designed to fully meet the needs of business, wherever business is done. It supports both domestic and international transfers and assignments, and its full benefit suite is available anywhere. You can even create and offer custom benefit packages by specific location or market.

  • Does Point C offer a full range of relocation benefits?

    Point C is engineered to create nothing short of the perfect employee experience, with more than 60 benefit choices. This includes:

    • Traditional benefits that are nearly universal among relocation policies, such as household goods shipments, temporary housing, DSP services, and more.

    • Innovative hybrid benefits, such as an Airbnb® rental in place of temp housing, or Uber® credits instead of a rental vehicle.

    • Imaginative non-traditional benefits that you won’t often find in standard policies, such as gift cards from a big box retailer, or mattress and box spring purchase and delivery, or even stocking the fridge with essentials.

    Airbnb and Uber are registered trademarks of Airbnb, Inc. and Uber Technologies, Inc., respectively. Plus Relocation LLC is not an agent, promoter, or affiliate of either of these brands, and they are used here strictly for illustrative purposes of example.

  • Does Point C reduce relocation costs?

    It’s a proven fact: Point C raises employee sat while keeping relocation budgets neutral, or even lowering them. You have the flexibility to “turn the dial” at any time, adjusting benefit options and discretely controlling costs as needs may require. Meanwhile, you do away with the complex cost projections and eliminate costly exceptions, so you can steer those dollars toward more worthwhile projects — or materially lower your overall budget.

  • Who’s the Point C care contact for relocating employees?

    From relocation planning through unpacking and all the way through, Point C deploys a global team of experts to guide every employee through relocation, whether across town or across continents. Using the simple chat feature, employees receive knowledgeable guidance and personalized help from highly credentialed Point C counselors. And for the most complex situations, Point C team members are available by phone to discuss concerns, review options and easily handle the unexpected.

  • Is Point C expensive?

    Our experience across industries and companies of every size shows that the costs of implementing Point C is less — many times significantly less — than a company’s annual cost of relocation exceptions. And by working with you on your move volume, system integrations and relocation partnerships, we can help neutralize your overall relocation spend and in many cases, lower it.

  • Is Point C a company-branded experience for employees?

    Point C is a white-labeled tech platform that does the hard work of creating the perfect relocation experience — and that makes sure that our clients’ mobility, HR, and benefits leaders get all the credit. That’s why Point C tastefully integrates your corporate brand identity and standards into the employee experience: To put your company look & feel out front, and to keep your company (and you) in the limelight.

  • Does Point C integrate with my org systems and requirements?

    Point C is purpose-built technology that integrates with any HRIS system, for companies of any size and in any location. And should you choose to implement Point C while staying with your current provider, Point C’s remarkable capabilities easily integrate with the systems of any relocation management company.


“There are some neat options here – stock my fridge, pick up the essentials, cleaning options. Not to make you think I’m lazy, but with two little kids, these are awesome!”

Jason Data Architect, California

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